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Chris Keen

Chris Keen


Chris Keen was born with music in his blood. After completing degree in music, he continued to push his musical abilities as a producer, keyboard player and singer. Chris performs as a professional musician in and around London in clubs, but is now spending more time in his custom built studio as he relishes producing tracks. “There is nothing like fine tuning a loop or sound on repeat after repeat, it sometimes drives me mad as I can’t get stuff out of my head when I leave the studio, but I just LOVE it!”.

Chris produces his own, original music featuring his keyboard, production and vocal skills and brings in guest musicians and vocalists to add extra flavour to some tracks.

There is a great deal of record industry interest in the tracks he produces and they have worked with great talents such as Katherine Ellis (Freemasons, Ruff Driverz), Tina Barrett (SClub7) and several other high profile artists.

All his tracks are a produced in his own acoustically treated studio based around some high end KRK monitoring, Cubase, Presonus Studio One and Focusrite technology.